Welcome to Posh Vault


POSH is the first financial experiment of its kind on BSC and one that you want to be a part of! POSH is based on its own token that provides frictionless BNB interest dividends to its members from trades on its very own AMM exchange, THE POSH VAULT.


Its is very simple to earn BNB with $POSH. There are five main methods to earn BNB dividends while holding our token.

0️⃣ HOLD

1️⃣ Reinvest your earnings into POSH and earn MORE BNB

2️⃣ Cash Out, sell your POSH for BNB

3️⃣ Chill Out and relax, you are earning passive BNB income just holding POSH!

4️⃣ Locker — deposit your POSH in your very own Locker. You can lock it for the number of days of your choice and earn more BNB by doing this!

5️⃣ Refer — By referring other you will get 3% on all transactions that buy through your referral!


POSH VAULT works as its own AMM but different, where when BNB is deposited, you are actually minting the POSH token itself. On each minting-swap transaction there is a 10% of the BNB from the transaction that is distributed in a frictionless manner to those holding POSH. When Posh is deposited to POSH VAULT, the POSH is burned and the BNB is released, and once again 10% of the BNB from the transaction will be distributed to all POSH holders.

What is great about POSH is that instead of all those reflect token clones, where you getting fractions of tokens that can be worthless, you’re going to get the real deal and earning BNB with POSH, just for holding!

Now the big question is what about liquidity? In fact the liquidity is controlled by the minters and the contract. It will be locked into the contract and the developer and team will not be able to touch it, meaning the funds are safe.

Payouts can also reinvested into POSH, to earn more BNB as well! As you can lock your POSH in our Locker system. A special personal Locker where you can lock your POSH for X number of days and earn even more BNB!


POSH will be available to purchase at the POSH VAULT or on PancakeSwap!

💎 POSH VAULT: poshvault.finance — coming soon!

💎PancakeSwap: coming soon!


#️⃣Link: https://bscscan.com/token/

💎Official Links: poshvault.finance

🔵Twitter: https://twitter.com/PoshVault

🔵Telegram Chat: https://t.me/poshvault

🌐Website: poshvault.finance

🕒 Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=255&msg=POSHVAULT+OPENING+in...&font=cursive

💎Be Blink!


and get BNB divs!💎



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